Many early stage projects struggle because commonly shared advice and best practices only apply to larger organisations or are too simplistic. They are recipes for incremental improvement rather than true innovation.

I help companies and founders with those challenges. I’ve mostly worked on early stage projects for the past 15 years and gained first-hand experience, learnings and an appreciation for how different and hard to generalise early stage is.

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Previous Work

Many Hats, Many Contexts

I’m grateful that I’ve had a chance to work in different roles and contexts. While that sometimes makes it harder to explain “what I do”, it allows me to draw from a broader span of knowledge, which is incredibly beneficial in a field that is full of wicked problems.

I started out focusing on engineering and product. When I built Twitter together with Jack Dorsey, I developed the app, built the public API, but also worked on defining product features like the social model (following) and the 140 character limit.

Later on with Amen, as a co-founder and CTO, I built and lead a team, worked on growth and was involved in raising venture capital and investor relationships.

As a freelancer, I’ve also helped companies that might not be early stage anymore, but that have areas or projects that still very much are. For example, when working on growth for MUBI and data and product strategies for Mercedes-Benz.io.